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Make your trains look more comfortable and safe with train renovation

The vehicle appearance of a train is essential for creating a comfortable and safe environment for your clients. Low color durability, scratched foil and stained walls can decrease the user experience drastically and might result in less clientele and a lower turnover. In addition, stone chippings, UV damage, and graffiti can damage both your trains and your company’s image. To increase the traveler experience and economic life span of your train cars and other public transportation, such as the underground, buses, etc. a train refit is a good step to take. Fleetshield train renovation consultancy is a train refurbishment specialist and will gladly advise you on how to go about train renovation.

Train renovation consultation

Fleetshield is a one-stop shop for organisations. Not only do we provide train renovation consultation, but we also design and apply your desired foils ourselves. Our train renovation consultancy finds it essential that both your personnel and your clients feel safe and comfortable. Therefore, we listen to your needs and adapt our design according to your wishes. During a train renovation consultation, we will present the available options for your train renovation. Fleetshield train renovation consultancy will make a personal design, which can be easily adapted before it is printed. Our foils are an inexpensive way to protect and refurbish trains, without having to replace entire train cars or lacquer layers.

Up to € 260k energy cost savings over life of railcar
Up to € 260k energy cost savings over life of railcar

Train refurbishment

Train refurbishment is a perfect way to make a train look like new and protect both the interior and the exterior of your public transportation train cars. Damaged paint makes trains vulnerable to all kinds of damage. Refurbished trains with protective and high adhesive strength exterior stickers last for many more years than trains without foils with high adhesive strength. An in-house study shows that our foils still have over 70% of their original shine after eight years of intensive use. Besides, our foils protect trains against dirt and are easy to clean, which makes the removal of graffiti a quick and easy job. Our foils are a sustainable choice for train refurbishment. Consult Fleetshield train renovation consultancy for your options.

Train renovation specialist

Fleetshield is your train renovation specialist. We pride ourselves on our appealing designs, high-quality materials, and quick application. We strive to apply our foils within one working day. In only one day your train has a completely new look and shines like never before. Our train refurbishment specialist will discuss all available options with you and give advice about the best products for your project, based on your needs. Our laminated foils protect the outside of your train against UV damage, stone chippings, graffiti, and scratches. Restauration or repairs are no longer needed with our sustainable foils for train renovation. Refurbish trains with the help of Fleetshield train refurbishment specialist and enjoy a longer economic lifespan with our sustainable train refurbishment foils.

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