Procurement & pre-production

We add value by managing

In our experience, the better the preparation, the smoother the production and the shorter the downtime. Especially if you involve Fleetshield in new projects at an early stage. Whether it is a maintenance or revitalisation project. After all, when a solution has to be applied, you don’t want any unpleasant surprises. That is why more and more customers are handing over the entire pre-production to us.

Our specialist knowledge means we can eliminate unwanted risks and avoid any financial surprises. If you opt for a treatment with film, we ensure that everything is measured down to the last detail and materials are purchased efficiently . This keeps your residual waste to a minimum. But there are other benefits to letting Fleetshield handle your procurement. Because we are familiar with the ordering processes of major film suppliers, we know which film to order from where, and how to ensure delivery times are as fast as possible. What’s more, we make sure that the films are correctly coded and packed in convenient assembly kits and transported properly to ensure they arrive in good condition.

“The better the preparation, the shorter the downtime”

Finally, we can test films for their adhesive properties, UV resistance and temperature sensitivity. In our own laboratory or on your premises. Ultimately, our preparatory work leads to a scenario with clear work instructions and planning. We organise the treatment of your materials so that there is little or no delay to your work.

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