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Fleetshield also helps transportation companies in a structural way to protect and maintain rolling stock so that it remains a pleasure to travel in. Meanwhile, we keep maintenance costs under control. Our work often starts with looking further than what the client wants. For example, we always ask our clients what effect they want to achieve. Only then do we consider how best to meet their needs.

If you want to protect your materials with film, we can take care of everything from the preparation to the application. You then have nothing to concern yourself with. We make sure everything runs smoothly. On time and in line with your internal processes. So, your rolling stock can be back on the rails in no time.

“"We make sure in a smart way that travelling with the material remains a pleasure.”

Do you want us to take care of the management of your film-treated materials? No problem. In consultation with you, we can schedule regular inspections to keep your materials looking their best. This is often more cost-effective than repairing long-term wear and tear. At the same time, we can simplify the process of ordering maintenance materials for you. So, what is beautiful, we make it very easy to keep beautiful.

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