From film expert to chain leader

Over the past 20 years, Fleetshield has gradually changed from being an expert in protective film to a chain leader that can think critically together with rail parties about the upkeep and upgrading of rail equipment. We now know exactly what is on offer and how a coating alternative such as film can best be used. It is a matter of product knowledge and understanding how the rail world works.


You can always expect an honest answer from us. Our aim is for our services to fit seamlessly into your business processes. Our experts ask the questions you might not think of yourself. We also want to know things for sure. That is why we also carry out inspections and tests. This is how we protect you from pitfalls and ensure that you get the most out of our preservation and revitalisation solutions. Because what is beautiful should stay beautiful. Then we will come up with one. This is how we stay on the cutting edge.

The kind of support you appreciate

Our cooperative, flexible, friendly team of specialists can support you either in parts or structurally. In the latter case, they will take the reins to make sure everything is organised perfectly. Consequently, when you leave it up to us, you can count on it all coming together. And that it stays that way.

Smart tender options? We've got you covered.
Smart tender options? We've got you covered.

Ready for a transformation?

Get an idea of the difference we can make to your business. Let one of our specialists spend an hour brainstorming with you, free of charge. Just to get to know each other. There is no obligation.

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