Railway wrapping

Railway wrapping is a durable and sustainable way of train protection and refurbishment. Public transport wrapping can help to increase or maintain vehicle appearance providing a safe and comfortable travel environment. Our train wrap can protect the vehicle from damage caused by stone chipping, splintering, dirt, or graffiti. Locomotives are often the target of graffiti vandalism. Locomotive wrapping can protect the locomotive from the negative impact of such vandalism. The removal of graffiti can be an intensive and costly process, keeping the locomotive out of the rotation for a long time. Locomotive wrap accommodates the easy removal of graffiti, without damaging the lacquer layer of the train. Because the locomotive wrap forms a protective layer on the outside of the train, the paint cannot penetrate the lacquer layer and is therefore easy to remove.

Train wrap application

The quality and durability of our train wrap are carefully tested in our lab. We also test our train wrapping on characteristics such as fire safety. When the foil passes the test, it is certified with an EN 45545 certificate, which is a mandatory fire performance requirement for railways. Besides testing for fire safety, our laboratory tests the foils for color durability and UV protection. Research has shown that after eight years in the sun, our foils still have more than 70% of their original shine and color, providing both protection for the train and its users and an overall better vehicle appearance.

Railway wrapping application is an easy process, making changing the design of the train easy. Whether you would like to revise the train design or improve the vehicle's appearance, railway wrapping is very beneficial. The train wrap has adhesive strength, while still easy to remove. Changing the design or advertisement of the train becomes an easy task with our train wrap. Cleaning the foil is also much easier with train wrap. Fleetshield uses a cleaning solution that has no environmental impact for cleaning dirt and graffiti on the train wagons.

1200+ railcars protected
1200+ railcars protected

Fleetshield: train wrapping specialist

Railway wrapping application must be done by a train wrapping specialist. A wrong application can result in easy delamination or unnecessary plastic waste. Fleetshield railway wrapping specialist works with a team of experienced technicians and designers. Fleetshield was the first company to apply horizontal train wrap. We provide a full-service package: from design to application and aftersales.

Fleetshield is a locomotive wrapping specialist as well. We provide locomotive wrap application for inside and outside the vehicle. Our services include protective, anti-graffiti foil, and railway signage foil such as locomotive identification numbers. Protect your rolling stock from damage and dirt with Fleetshield locomotive wrap.

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