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RET on working with protective films:

RET had already applied protective film to metro trains in the past and wanted to apply elements of their house style over this in 2020. However, they were unsure about the best type of film to use and which printing method would give the best result. Fleetshield helped Rotterdam Public Transport make a wise choice.

Film advice for metros

“One of the most important things for us was that the red colour of our logo would stay nice and red for a long time,” explains Tristan Zaaijer, technical specialist at RET. Red is a colour that can be sensitive to UV radiation. That is why the transportation company appreciated Fleetshield’s input on the best way to produce the films. “As we were in doubt about the type of film and the best printing method, Fleetshield provided several proofs. This allowed us to clearly see which print proofs were the best.”

Surprisingly flexible during the application process

During the application process, Fleetshield’s flexibility surprised RET on several occasions. “For example, we gradually realised that the old house style fixtures on different vehicles had different dimensions. At such times, Fleetshield is immediately on site to help think things through and quickly provide a solution. As a result, we were eventually able to wrap all the vehicles efficiently,” says Tristan. “It also happened a couple of times that the metros that needed to be covered were in a different place than expected. Fleetshield adapts very easily in these situations.”

Working corona-proof

The sheets of film were fitted in the middle of corona. “As a result, only a limited number of people could work in the workshop. So, Fleetshield looked at how we could make the application process as smart as possible. It was decided to apply the film to the metros at night so that we did not have to take them out of service for the public. Fleetshield carried out the work in several sessions. After each session, they sent us detailed photographs of the final result. This allowed us to give our approval remotely. It worked out really well.”

An accommodating party

Tristan says that RET is happy with its relationship with Fleetshield. “Quality and price are important factors, but it’s also desirable, for example, for a party to be able to accommodate an organisation as it goes through changes,” he explains. “Fleetshield is able to do this. I was also impressed by their knowledge of materials and production methods. That’s not surprising from a company with so much experience in the protection of rail materials. Fleetshield has shown us that certain decisions make a big difference to the end result.”

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