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ace4rail on wrapping trains:

If we want people to use the train more often, we need to make sure that there is a train at the right time and in the right place. One solution is to make room for more trains in Europe. And preferably rolling stock that transportation providers are not stuck with for 30 years. That is why the start-up company ace4rail wants to make passenger trains available for lease. They see film as a solution for quickly giving rolling stock the house style clients want.

New lease concept

“Ace4rail wants to start by making it easier to lease passenger trains. For example, for new operators in the rail sector or for existing companies that have growth plans and need additional rolling stock. I believe in the formula,” says Albert Koch, who joined the start-up at the end of 2022. He previously held various operational and strategic positions in the rail sector, including at the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), the Dutch rail network.

Material that can be used flexibly

Through a mutual acquaintance, Albert ended up at ace4rail in Switzerland. “I think it is exactly what the rail sector needs. Our idea is to design materials in such a way that it can be used for a wide range of applications. For both shorter and longer routes. Nationally and internationally. We will have rolling stock built from scratch. The carriages will soon be able to travel at speeds of up to 230 km/h”.

New house style on trains

The advice and professional guidance from Fleetshield can definitely come in handy for ace4rail in the future. Albert explains: “In many cases, a train that is passed from client A to client B over time will often need a new house style. For the interior as well as the exterior. Film is perfect for this. After all, changing house style with film is much easier than repainting the whole train. It is also a more sustainable and economical solution. And film is easy to remove after a while, without leaving any traces on the protective coating”.

Rail material protection expert

Albert first came into contact with Fleetshield while working for the NS. First as a work planner, later as a rolling stock manager. At the time he was impressed by Fleetshield’s expertise in protecting rail rolling stock. “At the time, they were using films to protect trains from graffiti, etching and scratches. And actually, all the projects I have done with Fleetshield have gone well. It’s nice that they explain the options clearly in advance. You can make an informed decision then.”

Refurbishing and transforming trains

As well as refurbishing trains with film, NS sometimes wanted to use film to give trains a temporary new look. “The Olympic Train is a good example of this,” recalls Albert. “Especially because the end product was really noticeable. It was great to see how Fleetshield managed to make such a special train. At the same time, everything was perfectly organised during the preparatory work and the actual execution. That also made it a pleasure to work together”.

Sparring at an early stage

The start-up is still in its infancy, but ace4rail is keen to sit down with Fleetshield soon. “We really enjoy sparring with this film expert particularly at this early stage. Their knowledge of protective films and the preservation of rail materials – the interiors as well as the exteriors – is very valuable to us. Fleetshield, for instance, can contribute ideas on the interior and exterior specifications of trains like no one else can. I expect that this will save us the inevitable costs and spare us any practical problems when it is being done,” Albert notes.

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