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Train decals have a number of functions in and around trains and other public transportation carriages. They keep travelers informed and stimulate a comfortable and safe traveling experience. For this reason, rolling stock decals are essential in the public transportation market. With train signing, the overall vehicle appearance for trains improves, a train overhaul is easy, and modernizing trains becomes quick and less costly.

Revitalize trains with Fleetshield train decals. If your trains are in need of a train overhaul because their exterior is losing color and shine and the interior is confusing and not stimulating a safe and clean environment, train foil application can be very profitable. Train stickers are sustainable and durable. After eight years, they still possess more than 70% of their original color. If you want to revitalize trains enlist Fleetshield train decal specialist and prolong the lifespan of your trains.

Customers in 6 countries
Customers in 6 countries

Rolling stock decals in interior

With train decals, vehicle appearance for trains improves both the interior and the exterior of the train. On the interior, train decals have several functions. The most important function is pointing the passengers to important areas, such as emergency exits, regular exits, fire extinguishers, and the bathroom area. These decals need to be designed well so that they are comprehensible for all passengers. Train decals should complement the house style of the company and are therefore designed in the NCS colors of the company.

Another function of train signing is to stimulate wanted behavior among passengers. This can be done by means of train decal application to indicate silent areas, but also to apply special stickers that stimulate good behavior. A great example of train sticker application to stimulate this kind of behavior is to apply book decals in the interior that mock the books of a library. A library is associated with silent behavior, which passengers will follow without realizing it.

Train stickers to enhance vehicle appearance for trains

Fleetshield is a train foil specialist and an expert in train signing for the interior and exterior of trains and other public transportation systems. Our durable stickers improve vehicle appearance by as much as eight years. After this period, the train decals are easily removable and can be recycled. Fleetshield train signing specialist is an expert in designing, producing, and applying high-quality train stickers. Contact our team of experts for more information about our services.

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