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Fleetshield rail signage: make traveling easy and comfortable

Signage for public transport can make your client’s travel experience pleasant and safe. With rail signage, clients can find their way inside the train. Rail signage can also have a positive impact on the behavior of travelers on the train. Specific decals can be applied to keep silent areas silent and toilets clean. Furthermore, train signage can be used to identify train carriages and provide removable advertisements. Smart public transportation signage increases the overall experience with the trains.

Bus signage requires a special kind of decals. Bus signage should have adhesive strength, but should also be easily removable. Advertisements often change and the signage on the bus should be easy to replace. Fleetshield provides high-quality, removable foil, which can be printed with any of the NCS colors. In this way, we can provide high-definition advertisements with clear and easily readable photos and texts. This applies to bus signage, but also to metro signage and tram signage.

Locomotive signage

A locomotive should be provided with special identification numbers by means of locomotive signage. Besides, it is important to provide information inside the wagons, such as the way to the emergency exit, wheelchair ramps, toilets, and fire extinguishers. Rail signage can provide such directions. With the application of rail signage, trains can be identified and safety and brand awareness can be increased.

Wagon signage can include decals that affect the behavior of travelers. For example, dedicated silent travel areas are often indicated with special decals that indicate that the carriage is a silent carriage, but also with decals that psychologically influence behavior. An example is stickers of books to mimic the silence of a library or decals in the bathroom to make it look more luxurious, which stimulates users to keep the area clean.

4°C cooler interior = less airco failures
4°C cooler interior = less airco failures

Fleetshield: rail signage specialist

Rail signage application should be carried out by a rail signage specialist. The application must be very precise and the surface should be free of fat and other dirt. Fleetshield houses a team of experienced technicians that know how to apply rail signage perfectly. With Fleetshield rail signage application the economic lifespan of your public transportation is drastically increased. Vehicle appearance and user experience are better with good-quality rail signage.

Our team of designers keeps your house style in mind while designing the signage. Looking to overhaul your rail signage design? Our team can give advice based on the newest trends and developments in the public transportation market. We provide a full-service package and will include you from the designing process until the final application.

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