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Public transport fleet branding is a good way to create unity in your fleet. By using a house style for fleet branding for trains you can create a company identity. Renovate your fleet branding and create a modern and contemporary image for your company. Fleetshield fleetbranding specialist works with the best designers, who know the psychology behind creating a company image by means of fleet branding for buses, trains, metro, trams, and more.

Fleet branding for train sets and other public transportation is done by creating a modern and attractive house style for your trains. The interior and exterior will be decorated with aesthetic foil which also has a protective function. The foil can protect the outside of the train against stone chipping, splintering, graffiti and other damage. On the inside of the train refurbish fleet branding foil is used to protect the interior against dirt, damage and stimulate wanted behavior.

Revitalize fleet branding with protective foil

Fleet branding can revitalize your fleet, making the traveling experience safer and more comfortable. Special fleet branding for metro, trains, buses, etc. can be applied to the exterior of the train to create unity, identify trains, and refurbish the fleet. Studies have shown that after eight years of intensive use the foils still remain with more than 70% of their original shine and color. This means that the economic lifespan of your fleet is increased and no expensive refurbishment and renovation is needed.

Fleet branding for locomotives is an important step in creating a company image. The locomotive is the beginning of the train and the first thing that travelers will see when the train arrives at the station. Immediately being able to identify the train company is essential for a smooth and pleasant travel experience. Besides, fleet branding for wagons should complement the fleet branding of the locomotive and show travelers to the right wagon.

30 - 50% less downtime
30 - 50% less downtime

Create unity with public transportation fleet branding

Finding your seat, the toilet, or the emergency exit becomes easy with fleet branding for wagons. By creating a house-style font that is easy to read, travelers will find their seats quickly, which stimulates the train’s timely departure. Fleet branding for (city) buses and other transportation can stimulate wanted behavior as well. In trains, special decals can be applied to help people to stay quiet in a quiet area and keep the train clean. Think about modern decals in the bathroom or “silent area” stickers.

Fleet branding for trams, trains, metro, and other public transportation methods should be applied by a fleet branding specialist such as Fleetshield. Fleetshield works with professionals who are aware of the latest trends and developments in the public transportation market and know the psychology behind special types of decals. Our professionals keep you involved in the process: from the first contact until the application of the final product. With Fleetshield, your fleet branding is in good hands.

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