Bus wrapping

Bus wrapping requires a special technique where bus wrap is applied carefully by a bus wrapping specialist. Bus wrapping is a very sustainable way of bus renovation. Wrapping is quick and easy, whereas spray painting a bus is very costly in both time and money. Besides, bus wrapping can be easily removed and replaced, which is very profitable for buses with advertisement stickers. If you would like to revise the design of your city buses, a bus overhaul by means of bus wrapping is a durable solution. Bus wrap is not only a very sustainable material, but it also protects the bus from damage such as stone chipping, splintering, scratching, and even graffiti. The bus wrap is made from a special foil that functions as a protective layer which protects the paint of the bus and makes it easy to clean. Graffiti can be removed in no time without damaging the original paint and keeping the bus out of the rotation for a relatively short period.

Bus refurbishment

Refurbish buses easily with bus wrap. Bus wrap can be applied and removed quickly, making it the perfect material for printing advertisements for buses and city bus signage. Bus wrap application is used to protect buses and also to enhance the vehicle's appearance. In addition, the right bus wrap design stimulates wanted behavior in the bus and can make traveling easier and more comfortable. Bus refurbishment by means of bus wrap is also a good measure to protect the inside of the bus from damage. It can be used as scratch prevention, or to accommodate the easy removal of dirt and graffiti from the inside or outside of buses. Bus maintenance becomes much quicker and cheaper with the right protective bus wrap foil.

Average technical life 10 year+
Average technical life 10 year+

Fleetshield: bus renovation specialist

Fleetshield is an expert in film applications for public transport. Our team is very experienced in bus wrapping application and our designers make sure that the foil is designed according to your wishes. Bus renovation by means of bus wrapping is sustainable and durable. Expensive bus maintenance and spray painting will not be necessary with our protective bus wrap. Furthermore, bus wrapping increases vehicle appearance and comfort.

A bus renovation specialist such as Fleeshield can help you lower your bus maintenance costs while increasing the economic lifespan of your buses. All the NCS colors on the spectrum are available, making bus wrapping very suitable for printing high-quality bus advertisements. Bus wrapping application is much quicker than painting, taking the bus only very briefly out of rotation. Ask our bus refurbishment specialist team what bus wrapping can do for your business.

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