Anti graffiti foil for public transport

Anti graffiti foil

Graffiti in trains is unfortunately a common sight. It makes trains look dirty, and unsafe and can damage the lacquer layer of the train while being removed forcefully. Luckily, there is a solution with which graffiti removal becomes quick and easy, namely Fleetshield anti graffiti foil. Fleetshield is an anti graffiti specialist and has created the perfect solution for graffiti damage on trains and other public transportation. The anti graffiti foil for trains provides a layer of protection on the interior and exterior of the train car. Anti graffiti foil does not prevent graffiti, but instead makes removing it quick and easy. Trains will only be out of circulation for a short time. The graffiti is removed by means of a sustainable cleaning solution with low impact on the environment.

2x faster cleaning without grafitti  ghosting
2x faster cleaning without grafitti  ghosting

Anti graffiti foil application

The application of anti graffiti foil for train sets and other public transportation can be done quickly. We strive to apply the foil within one working day. The anti graffiti foil for wagons prevents graffiti from penetrating into the original lacquer layer of the train. After the application of anti graffiti foil, your rolling stock is protected against the impact of graffiti and other kinds of damage.

Anti graffiti foil for public transportation has good adhesive strength but is also easily removable. If you would like to overhaul your train foil design, the foil will be able to come off in no time. Is your foil affected by graffiti? Fleetshield removes the paint, without affecting the trains’ original lacquer layer. We use a cleaning solution that has no environmental impact. In this way, the train does not have to be refurbished after every graffiti removal session. Therefore, anti graffiti foil for metro buses, trams, trains, and other transportation modes is a sustainable solution for graffiti removal.

Graffiti removal specialist

Fleetshield is not only an anti graffiti foil specialist, we also specialize in graffiti removal. Removal of graffiti is expensive and abrasive, but with our anti graffiti foil for city buses, trains, metro, etc. removal becomes quick and easy. Your rolling stock is out of the rotation for only a short period, but returns free from graffiti and other dirt, increasing the comfort and safety of your public transportation system.

Locomotives are often the victim of graffiti, giving the conductor limited sight or no sight at all. As a result, the train has to go out of service and will be out of the rotation for quite a long time. Without anti graffiti foil, removing graffiti is a perdurable job that can cause serious damage to the trains. The use of anti graffiti for locomotives can prevent these problems, increasing safety and vehicle appearance. Fleetshield anti graffiti foil is therefore a sustainable solution to harsh graffiti removal.

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